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M24 Grade Conveyor Belt

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Cherry M 24 Grade Belt / M 24 Conveyor Belts are made with high Quality Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, with heavy Rubber Moulded Cleats on the belts. Our M 24 Grade Belts are extra abrasion resistant, cuts and gouges resistant. These are used in various Mining, Sugar Industry, Stone Crushers, Cement Industry and others like coal, steel, non-ferrous metal plants, thermal power plants, food processing industries because of being suitable for conveying sharp, large lumps and rugged materials under adverse loading condition.

Benefits of Our Rubber Conveyor Belts:

  • Exceptionally highly adhesive levels to provide a lasting bond between Rubber covers and plies.
  • Exceptional wear and tear resistance to negotiate heavy impact of large size parts, sharp material.
  • Special strong high tensile rubber cover compounds for elevated and high speed conveying.
  • Used in material handling equipment.
  • Driven by a power-operated roll.
  • Handle bulk materials such as stones, sand, biomass fuels, coal, wood chips, paper bales and many more.


A conveyor belt is the compliance system of a belt conveyor system, which is one of many different types of conveyor systems available in the market. Each conveyor system necessitates several modules to work effectively and carry out the functions assigned to the belts.
So, a company or industry needs to select the right and high-quality conveyor belt that can meet various tasks, which may vary based on the weight and speed required and the product output on the conveyor system.
CHERRY – The Super Engineer, powered by KASHETTER GROUP OF FIRMS, a leading figure in conveying automation technology. We deliver both standard and highly customised technology. We are one of the largest and major manufacturers of Cherry M24 Grade conveyor belts. Our high-quality and conveyor belts are intended to meet a wide variety of large-scale processing & heavy machinery handling.

M24 Grade Conveyor Belt Specification 

We are one of India’s largest suppliers of various conveyor belts and have also exported to over 100 countries since 1964, which made us one of the world’s largest players in this industry.

Our M24 Grade conveyor belt that manufacturers in India set themselves apart from the competition for multiple reasons. Our in-house conveyor belt makers in Delhi in their capacity to v-guide, cut, calibrate, splice, and test all of our clients’ conveyor belts.

Conveyor belt Grade M24 means conveying highly abrasive, sharp, heavy materials like blast furnace slag, metallic ores, lime, granite, stone, coal, cement, ashes, sand, wood chips, clinker, etc. Our M24 conveyor belts are highly resistant to cuts and gouges and work powerfully as an abrasive resistance.  

As a result, our highly resistant and powerful M24 conveyor belts are just perfect for mining industries and other process industries, including food processing, agriculture, thermal power plants, non-ferrous metal plants, cement (limestone), steel, stone crushing industries. 

We have mentioned that our product Conveyor Belt Specification M24 is below a table format for your better understanding. Just have a look:

Belt Width 50 – 2500mm
Tensile Strength 100 – 400 per ply
Belt Thickness 3 – 30mm
Material Rubber
Width up to 2500mm
Length up to 250mtr


Benefits of using Our M24 Conveyor Belts:

  • Our company manufactures extraordinary cut and fatigue strength to withstand high impact from heavy pieces and abrasive materials.
  • We provide extremely high adhesive levels, which ensures a long-lasting bond between rubber coverings and plies. 
  • Our manufactures designed these M24 conveyor belts in the most powerful way to perform in such challenging applications, offering high strength, stiffness, and wear resistivity to a wide range of abrasive materials.
  • We can assure you that our high-quality and robust M24 conveyor belts are developed perfectly for elevated and high-speed conveying. The heavy and abrasive materials wouldn’t able to slow down the speed of our conveyor belt. 
  • We only utilise high-quality raw materials and never utilise regenerating process oils.
  • Our M24 Grade conveyor belt weight per meter is ideal for conveying the high-loaded materials quickly.
  • The belt throughput ability and longitudinal flexibility are maintained by the quality and design of the carcass.
  • Splicing is simple using basic materials and processes.


Few factors you must consider before buying an M24 Conveyor Belt:

There are various types of Conveyor belts available in the market. But you need to choose the right one for your business industry. Let’s have a look at the below factors which are important during the time of choosing a correct conveyor belt:

  • The size and weight of the product is perfect or not
  • The quality of product material  
  • The speed of the belt during the product will be conveyed 
  • The process of loading the product on the conveyor belt
  • The entire procedure of traveling of the product, incline or decline
  • Even if the belt is working properly, whether it’s a hot, cold, dry, or wet atmosphere

The best reasons for choosing our High-quality M24 Conveyor belts:

Being a rubber conveyor belt manufacturing company in India, Cherry provides cutting-edge technology to help you select the optimum belting option. Regarding your intended generic commercial application, you’ll need to consider an ideal conveyor belt. But why choosing our services to meet your demands? Just check out the specific reasons:

  • We help our customers as much as possible in case of best replacement– If your present M24 conveyor belt system doesn’t work properly and needs repair, then cherry will offer you their superior and enduring replacement conveyor belts in the most efficient manner. 
  • Our Belt maintenance services are efficient and Exceptional– When compared to other major manufacturers, the quality we provide at Cherry is excellent and unmatched. We serve you with the most effective methods for maintaining your conveyor belts. Our meticulous maintenance procedures extend the life and functionality of your conveyor belts. Also, we provide appropriate guidelines to our customers to check out the quality and overall span of our conveyor belts.
  • The essential service provided by our company is the customised Conveyor System– Picking the optimal conveyor system for your needs results in extraordinary durability, high productivity, and better efficiency. If Cherry’s standard methods do not meet your production demands or space constraints, our conveyor belt manufacturers will provide you with customised alternatives.

The technical solution, provided by Cherry the KASHETTER GROUP OF FIRMS, specialises in bespoke conveyor systems developed, constructed, and incorporated to match your company’s requirements.

  • We provide High-quality Technical resources– Cherry Corp has spent decades overcoming the difficult challenges of building the world’s top conveyor belt and conveyor systems manufacturers in Kolkata.

As Conveyor belt manufacturers in Mumbai, we discover a wide variety of choices, knowledge, and methods for your business or industry, ranging from splicing to regular machining processes to bespoke belting.

The extensive information provided by Cherry Corporation helped us respond to clients’ concerns in a timely and accurate manner. If you can’t find the solution via our client website, give us a call. We will help you. We guarantee that all of our goods will meet all industrial certification and norms.

We have been supplying conveyor belts all over globe from many years. We are one of the Largest M 24 Grade Belt / M 24 Conveyor Belt Manufacturer in India.

We have all types of M 24 Grade Belt / M 24 Conveyor Belts available in all cleats of V shape Cleat Conveyor Belt, U shape Cleat Conveyor Belt, Special Patterned Cleats, Y 1 Cleat, C Cleats, Y 2 Cleats, Bull horn Cleat Conveyor Belt, Multi V Conveyor Belt, Deep Horn Design Conveyor Belts.

A Quality Product from CHERRY – The Super Engineer

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