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Each Magnetic lifter contains a metal chamber lodging strong neodymium magnets. When turned “off,”
these magnets face once more into the lifter, and the chamber and lifter absorb a large part of the
attractive field. This opens the magnets to the region under the lifter, permitting them to draw in
weighty articles.
A permanent lifting magnet has a square with the primary body and a rotor. It has two magnets in the
fundamental body and rotor each. These two magnets, when situated in similar heading, produce
attractive motion that arrives at the metallic items to be lifted.
Magnetic lifters are great for dealing with steel plates, bite the dust castings, forgings, and so on They
take out the requirement for bracing gadgets, slings or chains. One individual can perform activities
beforehand calling for at least two individuals.
There is a great demand for magnetic lifters because of its highly beneficial features.
And kashetter Group of firms is considered as one of the leading and largest manufacturers and
suppliers of Permanent Magnetic Lifters in India, because of it genuine price, timely delivery, assured
quality, and always ready in stock.
We have the most experienced and know ledged fabricators who have more than four decades of
experience in this professional field, and manufacturer can design any specified product easily and effectively.
Kashetter Group of firms with its brand name CHEERY is the largest manufactures, dealers, suppliers of Magnetic Lifters , Industrial magnets, Magnetic Rod, Suspension magnets which is a
multipurpose products.
Along with that, we have an international certification on all our products. Some of the other most
distributed products of Kashetter group of firms are conveyor belts, conveyor rollers, Chevron Conveyor
Belts, high temperature resistant belts, Industrial sprockets, heavy duty conveyor rollers. Machinery parts
and motors, gear boxes, Jaw plates, cone mantles and also water treatment chemicals.

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