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Multi functional oxygen scavenger chemicals are highly in demand because of its multiple solution,
as they help in reducing or either completely removing the oxygen content in the fluids and the
other enclosed packaging. they mainly work against the oxidative deterioration and they are
available in wide range of specifications.

The kashetter group of firms are considered to be one of the best multi functional oxygen scavenger
chemical manufacturers in India where we have not only been its manufacturers but we’re also the
dealers, wholesalers, retailers, exploiters, suppliers, distributors and service providers of thousands
of water treatment chemicals.

As each and every type of chemicals is having its own importance of providing solutions to the
particular industrial applications, it is highly recommended for all the clients to know about different
chemicals available in the market in order to choose the best type of chemical that will suits there

We are having the certification from the Indian and also the international standards on each and
every specified multi functional oxygen scavenger we are providing to the all kinds of industrial
sectors worldwide. These oxygen scavenging films helps in extending the shelf life of the foods and
maintain their nutritional quality preventing the discoloration and the growth of other microbial

Usually the scavenging process also involves the irreversible chemical absorption of the molecule are
oxygen by either the reactive species or the reactive functional groups. If you’re looking for the
related and other specified water treatment chemicals you can always welcome to our official page
where we have mentioned each and every details of all the kinds of water treatment chemicals
available with us.

You can directly purchase the required products and chemicals from us by visiting the company or
you can also get it online with your requirements of the transportation facilities.

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