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Multiple effect evaporator deformer chemical are highly recommended for preventing the problems
related to forming that occurs in the evaporator. The chemicals are important because the forming
problems that occurs in the operators can affect the design of then and results in more severe

The kashetter group of firms are considered to be one of the best and most leading multiple effect
evaporator deformer chemical dealers in India since many years. There are different types of
operators available in the market and for each and every kind there are specific chemicals required.

The kashetter group of firms was established in 1964 where we have never failed to fulfil the
demands of the industrial needs and has always Made fair business with all the clients
professionally. As being one of the most noted water treatment chemical suppliers in India we have
always made sure to double check each and every kind of chemical we are distributing into the
market to ensure its safety and quality to the users and make them care free of buying.

The Indian standards as well as the international standards has permitted all our chemicals for
distributions. And hence we were able to supply them to the type of industries like agro based
industry, Pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing industry, chemical industry, construction industry,
paper industry, power plant, mining industry and many more.

The main function of using these evaporator is that they have the ability to efficiently use the heat
from the steam to evaporate the water. in this process the water is boiled in a sequence of vessels
where each of the sequence is at a lower pressure than the last. you can also find related water
treatment chemicals that we are supplying all over the world with various modes of transportation
made available to all the customers.

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