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Neoprene coated conveyor rollers are usually used for the purpose of printing, dying roller, textile
machine, paper making and a few more applications.
These Neoprene coated rollers are available in different colours and they are usually made of
materials like silicone rubber, carbon steel, Stainless steel. These are being used all over the world in
every industrial sector.
The neoprene rubber conveyor rollers consist of the following features and advantages:
They are fabricated with the excellent quality.
They are resistant to heat and are scratch proof.
They are free to vibrations.
They have great impact strength and are good shock observer.
They have high durability and can last for longer period of time.
Kashetter group of firms are originally from Bangalore, And we have been supplying many of the
demanded industrial products including the neoprene coated conveyor rollers to all the places in
India and also abroad. we have gained a lot of experience in these past decades and exactly know
what the clients actually look for in a product.
Our fabricators are Experienced and keep fabricating new kinds of products based on their
experience and the needs of industries. We make sure that all the products fabricated here, are
with high quality And also having the certification from the Indian standards as well as the
international standards.
All the past experience, our hard work and the professional ethics that we follow here has led us to
be one of the best supplier of neoprene coated conveyor roller in India. And the other types of
industrial products that we offer here are, mining conveyor rollers, high temperature resistant
conveyor belt, cold resistant conveyor belt, rubber products and sheets, wire mesh and a lot more.
The contact information is given over in our official website, hence if you come across any queries,
feel free to contact us.

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