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Optical brightening agent chemicals are highly in demand as they are applicable for multiple kind of
applications worldwide. these agents are nothing but the chemical compounds that has the ability to
absorb the light in the ultraviolet and Violet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum and they just
re emit the light in the blue region florescence.

The kashetter group of firms are considered to be one of the best optical brightening agent
chemical distributors in India where they have been supplying all the different types of chemicals
like the disulfonated optical brightening agent chemicals, tetrasulfonated types, hexasulfonated etc.

The optical brighteners has the ability of absorbing the UV rays and re absorbed them in the region
of the spectrum that is visible to the human eye and hence it is easy to detect the presence of them
optical brighteners under a black ultraviolet light. all the different types of brightening agents that
we are offering to all the clients has certification from the ISO standards and they are supplied not
just within India but also exported in large quantities to all the different foreign countries.

As each kind of water treatment chemicals has its own advantages and benefits the optical
brightening agent chemicals also have few benefits of having a clear and clean appearance. they are
utilized and washed with having a dull look. They help in getting rid of the blue tinkles and used in
the textile industries.

The most highly recommended water treatment chemicals for multiple applications that we are
offering here are, Vulcanizing solutions, antifoulants, fuel additives, fireside additives, viscosity
reducer, oxygen scavenger, sludge conditioner, Alkalinity reducer, antifoulants, PH booster, RO
biocide chemical etc.

As we have always taken into account the suggestions given by each and every client and on
rectifying every little issue of the clients, we have been able to get the zero negative reviews on all
our products and has been able to win the trust of the clients.

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