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Epihlorohydrin, melamine, polyimines, formaldehyde, Are the most commonly used paper industry
chemicals which polymerising the paper and results in constructing the strengthened network. There
are different kinds of papers available in the market in the form of newsprint, cardboard,
paperboard, fine art paper, tissue paper, repro paper and few more. and the most commonly used
chemicals in the making of this mentioned type of papers are the Albarine, chlorine, dolomite,
chlorine dioxide etc.

Kashetter group of firms has been supplying all the different types of chemicals that are highly
recommended for the paper industry chemicals and hence we are also considered to be one of the best paper
industry chemicals manufacturers in India since several years. Certain properties of the paper that
can modify the paper manufacturing is the bleaching, retention, fillers, binders, pulping, sizing, the
dry and the wet strength etc.

Having used the chemicals for paper industries gives the better saving investment, reduced cost,
energy saving are reducing the energy consumption, preventing pollution and protecting the
environment, saving the raw materials, increasing the productivity are some of the main benefits

The paper industry chemicals are used for the wide range of applications like in the chemical
recovery, lubricant, recycle and water management, adhesive, starch, debarking and wood
preparation, fluids, oils, corrugation equipment and its system, chemical pulping etc.

There are also the related water treatment chemicals that can give the best performance and
benefits for different applications which you can get further detail information from our official
page. Kindly go through the complete details and choose the best type of chemical that suits your
requirements and confirm us your orders.

Based on your current location and your convenience of transportation mode, all your required
ordered water treatment chemicals and the industrial products will be delivered with all the safety

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