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Paper can be made with a different process and methods few of them to mention are that it includes
the pulping procedure, dilution process, pressurisation, by the method of forming of the fibres on a
thin screen, by the refining procedure and few more. hence we are offering the paper processing
chemicals for each type of application and type.

The most commonly used chemicals and the paper processing is albarine, chlorine, chlorine dioxide,
dolomite and a lot more. The castrator group of firms are hence considered to be one of the most
popular and leading dealers of paper processing chemicals in India, read each of those chemicals has
certification from both the Indian as well as international standards.

The chemicals for paper processing involves wide range of applications and hence that extensively
used in almost all kinds of industrial sectors for multiple purpose and it consists of the following
advantages and benefits:
They helps in reducing the pollution and protects the environment very well.
They help in saving a lot of raw materials and increases the overall production.
It reduces the cost and saves the overall investment saving a lot of energy.
They also helps in reducing the energy consumption with being available in the market in its all

kashetter group of firms are not only offering them battery are also offering the other water
treatment chemicals that are highly recommended in the purification process of the water boiler
system. each process involved in the paper processing has the different kinds of benefits and
advantages and hence it is advisable for all the clients to know bout what type of exact chemicals is
required for their application.

You can order them online by just simply texting us or by mailing us and if you face any kind of
difficulty or queries you can always get back to us and get cleared with it.

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