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Plumber block pedestal are nothing but the pedestals that supports the rotating shaft With various
accessories and compatible bearings. It’s a kind of fixed Bearing with a strong foundation and
ultimately supports the shaft.
Here are some of the advantages and the features of plumber block pedestal bearing:
They are easy to install, easy to use and are error proof.
They are less expensive and can be installed either continuously or at the end.
Easy placing and removal of the shafts can be observed here.
They handles the moment loads well offering the excellent smoothness.
the plumber block pedestal price that we have offer to all the customers is the most reasonable
price based on its quality. we are known for producing the best quality products and has been
successfully doing that since the beginning.
the plumber block pedestal are with different specifications and the customers are allowed to
choose them according to their application and the requirements. Kashetter group of firms has
been practising the professional practices and ethics since the establishment of this firm, in 1964.
Well, along with the plumber block pedestal bearing, kashetter group of firms offers many other
industrial equipments like PVC conveyor belt, white elevator belt, food grade conveyor belt, mining
heavy duty conveyor roller, rubber sheets, connect space, corrosion inhibitors, gearbox, helical
gearbox, water treatment chemicals and many more.
we are not only the fabricators and suppliers, we are also the dealers, wholesalers, retailers,
importers, exporter’s and the service providers of various types of plumber block pedestals and
other industrial products too.
We ship all over the world through various modes of transportations according to the clients interest
and their convenience. we also offer the custom designed products, hence you can directly contact
us and book an appointment to know the complete further information about any kind of industrial

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