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The polyester levelling agent chemicals are highly required for dying of the disperse dyes on
polyesters and its blends. They are also very much helpful in migrating the dye act high temperature
and thus achieving the level dying.

The kashetter Group of firms are also considered to be one of the most reliable polyester levelling
agent chemical suppliers in India since many years. these dying accelerators with the diffusion
property for the high temperature polyester dying’s enables the good die stuff pick up.

All the different types of levelling agents has its own benefits and they are available with us in its
different characteristics both regarding the physical as well as the chemical composition. as we all
know, each and every kind of chemical has its own benefits and properties and depending upon
those features they are chosen for particular kind of application. hence it is highly recommended for
all the clients to have the basic details of the different water treatment chemicals.

The polyester levelling agents also has the ability to prevent the dye agglomeration and prevents the
streakiness in the soft flow dying. They are usually compatible with both cationic and anionic
reactions and are miscible with water. We have the ISO certification on each and every levelling
agent chemicals that we are supplying to the customers.

If you want to know more about the water treatment chemicals that we are supplying to the
different locations of the world in huge quantities you can just have a look at our website to get the
complete information. if you find any kind of difficulty or your need not able to understand
something you can always contact us for getting your queries cleared, ask us about the facilities you
are in need for and if possible you can also visit the company by booking an appointment with us.

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