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PTFE conveyor belt are nothing but the Polytetrafluoroethylene conveyor belt that are most
commonly and widely used in food processing industries and textile industries. Kashetter group of
firms offers wide ranges of PTFE Teflon conveyor belt used for multiple applications worldwide.
Their applications are seen in wide areas like, food baking, vacuum drying, floor covering, packaging,
electronics, textiles, polymer processing, screen print etc.
Here are some of the main features of cherry PTFE conveyor belt:
They are non toxic and are easy to be cleaned.
Their design improves the process efficiency.
They are lighter in weight and energy savers.
They are resistant to wear and chemicals.
Kashetter group of firms have been in this business field since more than 4 decades of years and it
was started in Bangalore. We have supplied the largest quantity of all kinds of industrial equipments
all over India covering almost every state and have also exported to foreign countries.
we have been one of the best PTFE conveyor belt manufacturers in India since several years. we
offer all types of conveyor belts that are used for various purpose in almost all kinds of industrial
sectors irrespective of small scale and large scale industries.
We have also acquired the name as one of the best suppliers of PTFE conveyer belt India, for
producing the premium quality and effective products but are also available invite Rangers of
specifications. Also all kinds of conveyor belts and other industrial products are certified by Indian
standards and international standards also.
the other kind of bells that we offer here are food grade conveyor belt, rubber conveyor belt,
mining heavy duty conveyor belt, fabric conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt and a lot more
varieties are available with custom specifications also.
To get your specified required industrial products including this PTFE conveyor belt, kindly do
contact us for orders and also to clarify any kind of queries you have.

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