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PU belt actually are the ideal belts mainly used for the food handling industries and are used
worldwide. Pu belt means nothing but the polyvinyl Urethane belt.
The main features of cherry PU belt manufactured in the culture group of firms are as follows
They are highly resistant to vegetable oil, animal, mineral oil and fats.
They are designed with the property of resisting wear and abrasion.
They are capable of adjusting to various temperature conditions.
PU conveyor belt are Easy to use and also have low maintenance.
These belts are safe and durable.
We also offer PU belts that can resist thermal oxidation, reducing the bacterial deposits, resistant to
hydrolysis etc.
kashetter group of firms are the largest manufacturers of PU belt in India. we focus on producing
the most premium quality and effective industrial product that are supplied into the market, only
once it is certified by both the Indian and international standards.
we manufacture and supply a lot other wide varieties of conveyor belts that are used in all kinds of
industrial sectors, such as, food grade conveyor belt, mining conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt,
fabric conveyor belt, convert bracket set, and many other also with a different specifications.
Even if you are in need of any custom specified industrial product, you are still in the right place
because we also custom design all kinds of industrial product according to your specified dimensions
and properties.
since last few years there are no negative reviews on any of our industrial product. We were able to
achieve it only because of the quality and the constructional practises that we followed. We are
included in the top list of most reliable PU conveyor belt suppliers in India.
Check our other new related products available. For further more information the buyers can
contact us directly and book an appointment if necessary.

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