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PU conveyor belt are often used in the food handling and processing industries where the conveyor
belt is constructed with the polyurethane material.
The use of these PU belt ensures the conservation of time and energy and increases the overall
effectivity and productivity in various kinds of industrial sectors where it is used.
Few of the features and advantages of using our cherry PU conveyor belt will be as follows:
They are resistant to mineral oil, abrasion and also wear.
They are adaptable to different temperatures and are easy to clean.
They are flexible and resistant to thermal oxidation.
conveyor belt PU are manufactured with different specifications and are professional manufacturers
can also fabricate the custom designed belt according to the need and requirement of the
customers. all these products will be of the premium quality with the certification from Indian
standards and the international standards also.
we have been the largest manufacturers of PU conveyor belt since many years. also we have
distributed various kind of conveyor belt to the places covering almost every continent in the world.
we have not only been the manufacturers and distributors of PU conveyor belt but have also been
the dealers, retailers wholesalers, suppliers, importers, exporters and service providers of the same
since 1964.
we have reached to the position where we have zero negative reviews on any kind of industrial
products that we supply to the market. Still we always believe in following the professional practices
and always look forward to satisfy the demands in the market.
Cleated conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt, fabric conveyor belt, conveyor idler, mining conveyor
belt, heavy duty conveyor belt some of the related industrial products that you can checkout.
we offer the customers with the most safe and simple mode of transportation. the interested buyers
can feel free to contact us anytime and get the complete information regarding any kind of industrial
product that you need.

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