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PVC Belt are nothing but the polyvinyl chloride belt conveyors that are used in many of the
industries worldwide, especially in the food processing, handling and packaging industries.
The main features that a quality cherry PVC Belt conveyor consists of, are as follows:
They are resistant to heat.
They are available in different types.
Economical, durable and are easy to use.
Availability of wide range of performance bearing surface of the tape.
They are designed and made available with constructing in 1, 2 or 3 layers.
These belts are also resistant to chemicals.
Provides high strength and small elongation.
Polyvinyl chloride Belt conveyor are the most reliable products and are the widely used industrial
product. Since many years, kashetter group of firms has been the best manufacturers of PVC Belt in
Bangalore as well as in India.
The experienced manufacturers in the kashetter Group of firms make sure the used quality is of
premium, for all kind of industrial products. all these are sent to the market only once they passed
certain quality test and only after getting approval from the Indian standards and the international
Belt conveyor PVC are supplied widely to places such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi,
Mumbai, Gujarat, Nagpur, Coimbatore almost covering all the states in India. We are also one of the
most leading suppliers of PVC Belt in India.
Kashetter group of firms also offer many other types of conveyor beltings and industrial products
that are used in every kind of sectors irrespective of small scale industries and the large scale
The other conveyor beltings that we offer here are food grade conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt,
fabric conveyor belt, mining conveyor belt and many more, also with different specifications as per
the customers requirement.
In case of any customs specified products you can directly contact us for the same.

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