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PVC cleated conveyor belt are the advanced solutions to various applications in industrial sectors.
Kashetter group of firms can also fabricate these PVC conveyor belt As for the customers
specifications and design accordingly.
There are basically one of the type of the PVC conveyor belt and they are also used in many of the
applications worldwide including all kinds of industrial sectors. Usually they are mounted on top of
vertical carrying applications.
Some of the main features of using our quality cherry PVC cleated conveyor belt are as follows:
They ensures the quality and elongated life.
They are resistant to heat.
They are available in different length and thickness, construction material and color.
Helps in saving time and energy.
Reduction of spillage of various conveying materials.
They are being used in a lot of industries such as food processing and handling industries, chemical
industries, packaging industries, pharmaceuticals and many other including the small scale
Kashetter group of firms has always been the most reliable and largest PVC cleated conveyor belt
manufacturers both in Bangalore and India. We have been trusted by our customers since last
several years due to the quality that we produce that are also effective while used.
These cleated conveyor belt are available with different specifications and are constructed with a
different material and the customers can choose according to the type of applications.
We have been the suppliers, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, importers, distributors and
service providers of PVC conveyor belt and many other industrial products since 1964.
Our team members have enormous experience and knowledge regarding this profession and can
give the best to the customers and can create the sense of satisfaction to the buyers.
Few of the other industrial products to mention are mining conveyor rollers, heavy duty conveyor
rollers, food grade conveyor belt, white elevator belts, fabric conveyor belt, conveyor belt endless
and many of its types and specifications.
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