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The PVC conveyor roller that we offer are of the best quality. They are used for conveying light
weight materials of different types irrespective of size and shape from one place to another place.
The main characteristics and advantages of using our cherry PVC conveyor roller are as follows:
These rollers are resistant to corrosion.
they are economical, durable and provide the long lasting service with very less maintenance.
We offer these PVC rollers in different specification, size, construction material etc.
They can with stand any environmental conditions.
They can also be applied for the applications in the wet areas.
Kashetter group of firms have been the best manufacturers of PVC conveyor roller in India since
many years. we have the most experienced engineers and manufacturers and the whole team to
work on designing the products with the desirable properties, that are of the high quality and
exhibit smooth operation and fast productivity.
Conveyor roller PVC can be designed according to the specified details by the customers on basis of
their requirements and applications. Also every product that are manufactured in the kashetter
Group of firms are well tested and certified by the higher authorities.
The products of Kashetter group of firms are being used in all types of industrial sectors starting
from small scale industries to the large scale industries in the places such as Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, Mumbai almost covering every state in India. also we ship the products to
abroad also.
PVC conveyor roller are available in different type. The conveyor rollers are chosen according to the
application it will it will be used for in the future. We are the largest and leading distributors of many
types of conveyor belts and rollers.
A lot more other related industrial products are also available here with different specifications. all
the interested people can get the details in the website. And do contact us to know the complete
further details regarding the transportation and the product.

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