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PVC endless belt are a type of conveyor belt. it is mainly used for conveying various types of raw
materials of different shape and size from one point to another point. They are used in various kind
of applications and can be seen in almost all kinds of industrial sectors.
Kashetter group of firms offers the most premium quality endless PVC belt. some of the main
features of using our quality cherry PVC endless conveyor belt are as follows
They are applicable for varied temperature condition as well as environmental conditions.
They are strong, durable, easy to use and long lasting.
They are light weight and are easy to fit.
These endless belt are Resistant to wear and tear.
Our firm consist of the standard equipments and we use the high grade raw materials for fabricating
various kinds of industrial products. the manufacturing team has decades of experience and can
easily custom fabricate any kind of industrial product including PVC conveyor belt endless very
we have been considered as the most reliable and largest manufacturers of PVC endless belt in
India. We have been manufacturing and supplying from last few decades of years to the places
covering almost every state in India.
This PVC endless belts Are available in different thickness, length, colour, type of construction
material, speed, capability with having few properties. We offer a different kind of belts that are
suitable for particular type of application. the buyers can choose according to their type of
application and required specifications.
When it comes to the quality, all our products are certified by both the Indian standards as well as
the international standards. They are also checked by our professionals and then it is sent to the
We offer many other kind of conveyor belts with the wide varieties and specifications. the
interested buyers can contact us for the same.

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