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R series helical gearbox Features the Ideal ratio between the performance and space requirement.
Kashetter group of firms offer all different variants of helical gear units and their applications are
seen worldwide.
Some of the main features and advantages of using our quality cherry R series helical gear reducer
are as follows:
Easy combination can be seen here.
They exhibit high output speed.
They are highly efficient and effective.
They are available either in flange or foot mounted design.
They are applicable for many industries including both small scale industries and large scale
industries and are most commonly used in roller conveyor , Belt conveyor and chain conveyors.
Kashetter group of firms are the best distributors of R series helical gearbox. we have been
distributing various kinds of industrial products to all the places of India covering every state in India.
kashetter group of firms also ship worldwide covering all the seven continents of the world. they
have the most experienced manufacturers who can design any kind of industrial products that are
highly effective and are of premium quality. hence we are considered to be the best R series helical
gearbox manufacturers both in Bangalore and India.
All these products are for sure of the best quality and are also certified by both the Indian and
international standards. There are sent to the market only once they past though this quality test
These R series helical gearbox comes with different specifications and we provide a lot of options for
the customers to choose according to their needs and requirements.
Kashetter group of firms also offer a wide variety of other industrial products whose list you can get
on our website. You are free to contact us and can also meet us through appointments in your
convenient time I know about the best offers available.

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