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Reverse osmosis antiscalant and antifoulant chemicals are used in the pre treatment of the different
water feed systems which are highly effective in preventing the membranes from scaling. when the
water induced in reverse osmosis membrane in the different water feed system the antiscalant
chemicals are injected in the water and are sent through the system.

There are different types of reverse osmosis antiscalant chemical as well as the anti foreign
chemicals are available based upon the water feed systems. Based on the requirement of the
industries and its application the type of chemicals are chosen. The cherry groups are considered as
the most leading and reliable reverse osmosis antiscalant and antifoulant chemicals suppliers in India
since many years.

These RO antiscalant and antifoulant chemicals have a lot of benefits and some of it are given below:
They provide the high performance reverse osmosis membrane not only making it suitable for the
reverse osmosis but also for the Nano filtration and the other membrane system.
They are also suitable to be used in the sea water desalination system.
They consist of non flammable solution which is clear and pale yellow.
They are used in order to prevent the fouling and scaling of the reverse osmosis membrane due to
the deposition of different hard minerals.

As reverse osmosis are used in the applications of selective separation, purification and the
concentration process, it is very important For maintaining the quality of the reverse osmosis
membrane in order to provide the quality and smooth completion of the process.

The water treatment chemicals, other than these antiscalant chemicals are also widely used for
purification of waste water treatment, such as, Ph booster, RO biocide, neutralizer boilers, Poly
electrolyte liquid, descaling liquid, corrosion inhibitors, defoamer chemical, Silicon based defoamer
chemical and many more are included.

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