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The rice belt conveyor are very much necessary, Specially for the food related and storage type of
industrial sectors. as you might be knowing, there are different types of Belts available which are
chosen depending upon its functions, application and specifications.

The application of these rice conveyor belts are extensively used in the field of utilities, feed mill,
metallurgy, coal, Transportation, chemical and few other departments. The charity groups are offering
these bells with having the simple structure and easy maintenance, ending wide range of specifications.

we are in fact consider to be the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of rice belt conveyor in India
since several years. we have always followed the standards set by both the Indian as well as international
standards and design the product accordingly. also these fabricated products are very well tested under
the guidance of the quality experts of consider group of firms.

These rice belts consists of many advantages and features on the same are given below:
They give the high performance, high productivity with no loss of energy.
it consists of high load bearing capacity.
they have the least transportation cost with low power consumption.
they have the study design and exhibits no broken body or rice during the transportation.
they are very easy to operate, and easily available in the market.

other than the belt conveyor for rice milling, there are a lot of other related products available. We are
offering such huge types of products and its complete list have been provided on our website.
We are offering wide services to all the clients and the transportation system is fast and secure here. if
the client is having any customization they can always talk to us about it and we will be providing you
with the same if it’s possible.

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