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RO antiscalant are the reverse osmosis antiscalant chemicals that are used Widely everywhere. The
main purpose of using this is to eliminate or reduce the scale formation on the membrane.
The main features and advantages of using are quality cherry water treatment Ro antiscalant
chemical are as follows.
They are widely used for the Purification of drinking water.
They ensure almost up to 80% of reductions of scaling on the membrane.
It can solve the issues of solving corrosion, microbiological activities and also the disposal of residual
Offer high recovery rate.
Effective for low chemical dosage.
They also control fouling of water and are cost effective.
There has always been a great demand for all the water treatment chemicals since ages. They help in
keeping the environment safe and ensures the safe health of the users.
We have been the largest Ro antiscalant supplier since many years. we have the most experienced
engineers who can understand the requirement and demand of chemicals which are necessary in
present life.
All the chemicals that we make are of the best quality with certification by Indian as well as
international standards. However the buyers need to follow the use of chemicals, their quantity of
dosage and intervals as instructed.
Kashetter Group of firms also supplies wide varieties of water treatment chemicals for various
purposes. Some of the related chemicals that are usually bought by the users are, hardness reducer,
alkalinity reducer, single blend treatment, test kit, oxygen scavenger, Ph booster, membrane
cleaner etc.
Cherry Ro antiscalant are being used in the applications like solar powered reverse osmosis, for
military use, wastewater and water Purification process, in food industries, production of maple
syrup etc.
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