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Roller conveyors are used for the transportation of materials or products and are commonly used in warehouses or manufacturing facilities.Roller conveyors convey products either manually or by gravity. Rollers for conveyors use parallel rollers mounted in frames for conveying the products. Depending upon the floor space available and its application roller for conveyor belt can be either straight or curved
Roller conveyors are actually of various types that are used for different purposes. Based on its usage and adaptability roller conveyor belts are used in different sectors like food handling, packaging, logistics, mail delivery services, baggage handling, steelmaking, manufacturing and design.. 

Types of roller conveyors
Belt driven roller conveyor
Chain driven roller
Line shaft roller conveyors
Zero pressure roller conveyors
Gravity roller conveyor

The selection of the roller conveyors depends upon the various factors like product type, speed, elevation change etc.
It is best suitable for transportation of goods for longer distances
They are powered systems and hence they can move goods horizontally for long distance in efficient time
There is reduction in risk due to the complete control over the speed
Most common reason for its use is that it can handle heavy loads hence it is used mainly in manufacturing industries.
Reduction in risk when motor breaks or if the power supply has stopped

When it comes to the specification we manufacture as per your requirements and the material used are usually rubber and steel. Selection criteria of roller conveyors, no matter what kind of roller conveyor belt is chosen few of the details you should definitely know. They include roller and frame material, Roller size and orientation, load type and accumulation, distance and curvature, drive location, frame configuration, Maximum load capacity, Conveyor Belt System Speed/Rated Speed, behaviour control and environment, Load Capacity per Unit Length, throughput.
Kashetter Group of Firms exported around 1000000 Meters of various manufacturing products to different countries across the world. Our Cherry products have met the expectations of customers as we follow professionalism in our work and thus emerged as the reliable manufacturers and exporters of roller conveyor and also many other Cherry products.

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