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Rough top belt provide the easy transportation of various materials between two given destination
point. They have a non slipping property which enables the materials to stick onto it.
Properties and the features of rough top conveyor belt are as follows
They are applicable both for the horizontal and inclined object conveying.
The inclination of conveying of various types of materials can vary between 25 to 30 degree.
They are usually constructed with 2 or 3 ply.
They are available with cute edges and carcass.
They have less friction co- efficient.
Allows perfect running over table and panels.
Done with superior finish design.
Durability, low maintenance and cost effective.
The applications of rough top conveyor belt are seen in the following sectors and applications:
Pharmaceutical industry.
Chemical industries.
Manufacturing industries.
Food processing and handling industries.
Packaging industries and few more.
Kashetter Group of firms have been in this business for more than 50 years of duration and we have
been considered as one of the most reliable industrial product’s manufacturing firm. we have the
most experienced team members in every step of construction of the product’s.
all these industry products are well tested before it is produced into the market and there also
certified and approved by the Indian standards and international standards as well. We are leading
as both rough top belt manufacturers and suppliers of rough top belt in India.
Kashetter Group Of Firms always look forward in satisfying the needs and demands in the market for
all kind of industrial sectors used for various kind of applications. We also offer custom designed
industrial products of your specified dimensions.
We ship by roadways, by railways and by Airways. We have all kinds of conveyor belts, conveyor
roller, and all other kinds of industrial products in stock with different specifications . We ship the
above mentioned products worldwide and do contact us for further details.

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