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The scale cleaner chemicals are the descaling agents that has the ability to clear and remove the
various forms of scales of lime scale, calcium carbonate, rest and many other hard water build-ups.
they also has the ability to remove these scales from different types of surface is like steel, plastic,
glass, iron etc.

The kashetter Group of firms are said to be one of the best distributors of scale cleaner chemical
since many years where we have been supplying all the different compositions and brands of cleaner
chemicals for multiple applications worldwide. these are usually made of calcium carbonates but
that easily dissolved in a range of mild acids.

The common chemicals that are included in these cleaners are the acetic acid, citric acid, for mic
acid, phosphoric acid, Sulfamic acid and hydrochloric acid. The scale cleaner chemicals has many
different types of applications and advantages and the same are given over here
They are highly effective in keeping the bread fresh and prevents the gum diseases.
they have the ability to remove any kind of water stains on the car.
they prevent the cavities and helps in maintaining the health of the heart.
They can be used both for boiling as last cooling tower cleaning.

Few of the other main applications of using these scale cleaners are, they are seen in the marine
descalers, chiller cleaning, HVAC systems descalers, condenser cleaning, heat exchanger descaling,
data centre cooling cleaning etc.
We have been to this field of business profession since 1964 and hence we have got a lot of
experience. not only just using these water treatment chemicals are helpful it is also important for
each and every client to know the exact proportion and how frequent of usage of chemicals is
important, in order to get high efficiency and productivity.

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