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The seamless conveyor rollers are simply made of pipes With plain ends or they are threaded with
plastic caps at both the ends. A lot of industries uses the seamless rollers for various applications.
They can be seen in grain transportation, various conveyor systems, mining transportation etc.
These seamless conveyor rollers consists of the following main properties and features mentioned
They are oiled, painted or either galvanised with the different colours based on the clients request.
They have small maintenence with high load capacity.
They are designed to resist oil, acids and alkali.
They are both dust and water proof.
They are available in different shapes and are used according to the type of application.
Kashetter group of firms are not only the supplier of seamless conveyor roller in India, we have also
exported large quantity of industrial products to the foreign countries. also we are not only the
suppliers, we are also the manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors of many of the
industrial products.
The seamless conveyor roller price, that we offer here is of the most affordable price for any of the
users to buy. we have inculcated the best practices for the construction of all the industrial
products, In order to make it give the best service in the industries.
The other kind of industrial products that we offer here with a wide range of specifications are
conveyor belts, high density poly ethylene belts, water treatment chemicals, rubber sheets,
conveyor rollers, the gearbox, rubber mats and a lot more products.
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