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In order to have a formulated easy clarification of the waste water in the industrial streams and
municipal water treatment facilities, the cationic polymers flocculent settling agent chemicals are
used. they also refers for allowing the unwanted materials and sediments that are allowed in a
container by themselves.

The kashetter group of firms are considered to be one of the best and most trusted settling agent
chemical distributors in India, where not only the settling agents, but we are also offering the other
anti settling agents and thousands of water treatment chemicals.

Using of the settling agents has a lot of features and benefits and the same will be mentioned below:
They are highly non toxic, with having no significant effects or the critical hazard.
They consist of the unique buffering agents and has high industrial strength.
They consist of high molecular weight polymers and are biodegradable.
They are not classified as a hazardous substance or the mixtures and they will also not harm the fish
or the wildlife when used as directed.
The settling agent chemicals provide the quick and efficient clarification of the waste water by its
rapid cycling of solid sentence suspended debris.
They offered the reduced operating costs and increases the capacity of waste handling of the
They also assures the proper flocculation over the wide range of pH.
They also helps in removing the impurities without changing the properties of water, regarding its
color, PH, odor.

The kashetter group of firms are also one of the most popular water treatment chemicals suppliers
in India, where each one of it has the certification from the Indian standards as well as the
international standards. As we have never compromised with the quality and safety of settling agent
chemicals, people have always given us with positive feedback.

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