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The sewage water treatment chemicals are used for the main two stages in the savage treatment
that ease the primary as well as secondary treatment. apart from this there will also be an advanced
treatment made to treat the waste water effectively. for all these purpose trees an essential
requirement for using the right type of chemicals to get the better result and Purify the water.

The kashetter group of firms are considered to be one of the best sewage water treatment chemical
wholesalers in India. we have been supplying the chemicals foresee wage water treatment of all
kinds suggest the activated sludge plant, rotating disc system, trickling filter, non electric filter,
suspended media filter, sequencing batch reactor, submerged aerated filter and many more.

As we have been supplying these water treatment chemicals to all the types of treatment plans since
more than decades of years, we have being recognized by many of the customers such different
locations and we are also known forever professionalism and for producing the high quality efficient
in this real equipment and water treatment chemicals.

Using of the chemicals for sewage water treatment has many of the benefits and advantages, such
as, They exhibit the low cost and minimal order emission, they do not require any water bills, the
chemicals are affordable and this treatment plants breakdown the solids faster etc.

The chemicals helps in maintaining the temperature, turbidity, odor, color And many more during
the treating process. the other related water treatment chemicals that might be helpful for you are,
antiscalant, antifoulants, fuel additives, fireside additives, viscosity reducer, oxygen scavenger,
sludge conditioner, Alkalinity reducer, ph booster, RO biocide chemical etc.

We are not only providing the services within India but also to the entire world covering all the
seven continents. Hence you can make orders as soon as possible and we also have the different
production units located at different locations of the world for providing the fast and quality service
to the clients.

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