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Shaft mounted speed reducer are one of the most easy and prominent way of reducing the speeds.
They Can be either directly mounted Where extra fundamentals are not required to work, or
connected through the accessory driven shaft.
Few of the best features And advantages of shaft mounted speed reducer are given as follows.
They help in gaining high efficiency.
Shaft coupling is not required.
There are no problem regarding the alignment.
They are available in large ratio and high power capacity.
The motor mounting consists of a rigid base Plate to accommodate motor frames of different sizes
and varieties.
To avoid the gear failure And over heating, sufficient amount of oil should be provided, that should
not be too little or too much respectively.
Frequent maintenance should be done.
They can be designed according to the output speed, peak load, design power, service factor, Pulley
Diameters etc.
Productivity or the performance satisfaction comes depending upon the installation, lubrication and
maintenance of the shaft mounted gearbox.
They are most commonly used in the automation control systems, Bulk material handling industries,
grain handling industries, and many more.
Kashetter Group Of Firms Focus on producing high quality and efficient industrial products. Our
manufacturers are well specialized in designing various equipments. We are Considered to be one of
the best manufacturers of shaft mounted speed reducers in India.
We have successfully exported large quantity of industrial products to almost 100 plus countries in
the world since 1964. Our designed products are all certified by the Indian as well as international
We assure the buyers about the quality of the shaft mounted speed reducers and all other industrial
products that we manufacture. Also we have covered distributing various kinds of industrial
products the cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Jaipur covering all the
places in India.
For custom designing the industrial equipment as per your choice of specification, kindly do contact
us through the given contact information available.

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