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SKF bearing are highly in demand in all kinds of industrial sectors irrespective of small scale and large
scale industries. There are many types of bearings, based on shape, material, lubrication, principle of
operation, that are used according to the type of application and requirement. And we offer all
kinds of bearings as per the required specifications.
SKF bearing that we offer consist of the following features and advantages:
they provide excellent prevention of frictions.
They can improve the efficiency and accuracy.
They can help speed up the operation.
They ensures the easy motions and movements.
They are wear resistant and provide long lasting service.
We have been the best SKF bearing distributors in India since many years. Originally kashetter
group of firms was started in the year 1964 and we have been dedicated to this professional field
since then. We not only supply and distribute in India but we have also successfully exported abroad
covering all the seven continents in the world.
As the SKF bearing dealer, we always made sure that the customers are satisfied with the quality
we produce, with the most affordable price and its various types. They are all certified and well
tested by Indian standards as well as the international standards.
We have supplied wide varieties of machine parts and also the industrial products all over the
world. Few of them to mention are conveyor spares, rubber profiles, bearings and many other
machine parts. We are known for producing the premium quality products and feel fortunate
enough to be called as one of the most trusted and reliable SKF bearing suppliers in India.
Our transportation system is secure and simple and easy. Also the interested customers can check
out many other related products and the machine parts from our website and contact us for further

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