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Stainless steel roller are used widely in the industrial applications mainly because of its corrosion
resisting property.
it has some of the main features and the same are mentioned below:
The cost is reasonable according to its effective property.
Stainless steel roller are durable and easy to use.
They are heat resistant rollers.
Available in different specifications.
As mentioned before, they are used in lot of industries including both small scale industries and
large scale industries. Few of the applications to mention are dish washing machinery, food handling
conveyors, wash down applications, powered belt conveyor, Gravity conveyor etc.
Kashetter group of firms have been in this manufacturing field for about more than decades of years
and we are also considered to be one of the most reliable stainless steel roller manufacturers in
Steel roller have become the most basic and necessary product in all kinds of sectors for effective
productivity. Every product that we manufacture are designed by the professionalist who has
acquired the great knowledge and can design effectively.
all the products of Kashetter group of firms are certified by Indian standards as well as the
international standards. till now we have supplied the raw materials and all kinds of industrial
products to the places like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi,
covering almost every state of India.
Kashetter group of firms has been established in Bangalore but has also successfully acquired the
name for producing the best industrial products all over India. Along with the SS roller we
manufacture and supply a lot more varieties of industrial products worldwide
the customers can checkout the related products and all other kind of industrial products from our
website. And in case you’re not able to find any of your required product you can directly contact
us, book an appointment and get the full details.

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