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Wire mesh are of different types and the stainless steel wire mesh is mainly designed in order to
prevent the resting. Kashetter group of firms offers all the types of wire mesh and that too with
different specifications.
Their application are used widely in the industrial sectors such as power generation, gas processing,
petrochemical, sea water equipment, condensers, heat exchangers, pulp and paper industry, off
shore oil drilling companies etc.
The main features of steel wire mesh are;
They are of course economical and also the most reliable product.
Prevent arresting off wire mesh due to various reasons.
They are anti static and high temperature resistant.
They have the uniform Thickness.
Easy maintenance can be done with no surface treatment.
They are resistant to toughness and wear and also lasts longer.
Kashetter Group of firms are included as one of the best manufacturers of stainless steel wire mesh
in India. our products are of the premium quality and are certified and approved by the Indian
standards as well as the international standards.
There are many other related products and the other industrial products that we offer, namely,
diamond rubber lagging sheets, gearbox, food grade conveyor belt, white elevator belt, Mining
heavy duty roller, industrial conveyor belt, fabric conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt and the list
just goes on.
All these above mentioned products are also available in different specifications and if you’re
searching for manufacturers who can custom design any kind of industrial products, you’re just in
the perfect place. because we have the most experienced manufacturers who can deliver the
needed products of the customer.
Stainless steel wire mesh are being supplied to a lot of places not only in India but also we have also
successfully exported to the foreign countries covering all the seven continents in the world.
For further details regarding any kind of industrial product including the stainless steel wire mesh,
the customers can directly contact us and book an appointment.

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