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Star coupling is a optical device that consists of input and output ports and helps in Uniform
distribution of input signals to the output ports.
These flexible star coupling are available in different size weight and other specifications and
fortunately we offer all types of star coupling and has been the largest supplier of the same since
many years.
few of the features and advantages that every customer has to know about the quality cherry star
coupling rubber are as follows
They are resistant to oil and dirt.
They have low weight.
They require no lubrication.
They provide highly reliable service for light, medium and heavy duty power transmission
We have always been one of the best and the most reliable manufacturers of star coupling in India.
Kashetter group of firms Has always believed in following the professional practices in every step of
fabrication and has practiced the same since the establishment of Kashetter group of firms.
The star coupling price offered here is the most reasonable price according to its quality and
features. we can also take the orders for the custom designing as we have the most experienced
and talented fabricators who can design easily and flawlessly.
Till now we have supplied them to various place of India such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai,
Delhi, Gujarat, Nagpur, Jaipur, Pune, Coimbatore, Nagpur, Kolkata And have almost covered all the
states of India successfully. we have even exported a lot type of industrial equipment to various
foreign countries also.
we assure the customers about the quality as they are certified by Indian as well as international
standards and also that tested by the professional team members of Kashetter group of firms and
then only they are approved for the distribution into the market.
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