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Suspended permanent magnet are in great demand in day to day life. They are placed over the belts
conveyor materials to attract the fine grains or clinkers, remove unwanted iron particles etc, which is
totally depended on type of industry and material conveying.
These suspended permanent magnet checks all the incoming materials and remove unwanted
materials or say contaminants and prevent the machine or equipment from any kind of damage.
The most usual dimensions of the suspended permanent magnet depends on the width of the
conveyor belt, and also the speed is considered.
They are easy to clean hence easy maintenance is done.
They do not consume power, hence No cost for power is required.
Installation of permanent suspension magnet directly increase the quality of the products and its
value too.
They are cost effective.
The placement of permanent suspension magnet might differ depending upon the industry and
materials to be conveyed.
Kashetter Group of Firms have the best manufacturing team for designing all Cherry-products that
meets the quality set by the international as well as Indian standards.
Every product of Kashetter Group Of Firms have been tested and certified before it is produced to
clients. We follow our ethics and professionalism in every step we take, hence that paved us a way
to become the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers in India.
The team of suspended permanent magnet manufacturers are specialized and can design products
as per directed specifications. We not only custom design suspended permanent magnet, but also all
wide ranges and varieties of conveyor belts and rollers.
Kashetter Group of Firms is in practice since more than 50 years and have great experience. So this is
the best place for buying required products with reasonable cost.
We supply the quality products all over India by 3 modes of transportation that may be either by
road, by railways or by airways.

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