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Basically TCCA 90 stands for trichloroisocyanuric acid. They are most commonly used and seeing the
swimming pools, fountain water bodies and also many other applications.
These chemicals acts as a disinfectant and helps in maintaining the crystal clear water in many water
mediums and mainly in the swimming pools.
Few of the main features and advantages of using our quality TCCA 90 chemical are as follows:
Used in many applications.
More economical.
Used as an alternative to bleaching powder.
Prevents the pools from algae and bacteria.
They provide long lasting effectiveness.
Most importantly they are eco friendly and offers effective outcomes.
Our safe and quality TCCA 90 for water treatment are widely distributed all over India or say
worldwide. Hence we have been the best to TCCA 90 suppliers in India after Being able to win the
trust of the buyers.
Kashetter Group of firms Produce the most safe and quality chemicals to the users since decades of
years. we have been in this professional field since 1964 and are very much fortunate enough to
have the most qualified engineers who can develop the chemicals with their extreme knowledge.
We have been offering many other types of water treatment chemicals using all the factors. TCCA 90
For water treatment that we offer out of the premium quality with the different volumes available
according to the needs and requirements of the users.
Every chemicals that are being manufactured are made by our engineers are very well tested and
certified by the ISO standards. The Industries that use TCCA 90 chemical are seen in Industrial
circulating water, Industrial and city sewage treatment, Disinfection of petroleum well, sewage
production of sea water wells etc.
We are glad to provide answers and explain all the queries that you have, hence feel free to contact
us for any kind of information.

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