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Three phase induction motor can also be called as asynchronous motor. They are the rotating
electric machines that are specially designed to work on a three phase motor. It follows the principle
of production of a rotating magnetic field.
They consist of a stator and rotor between which there will be no Electrical connexion. There are
two types of three phase induction motor, Squirrel cage induction motor and slip ring induction
The main advantages and features of using our cherry three phase induction motor are as follows.
They have High insulation resistance.
It reduces the eddy current loss.
They consists of high core magnetic materials.
The construction and design of these motors are simple and robust.
They are suitable for any kind of environmental condition.
Less armature reaction with maximum life span.
Most commonly 3 phase induction motors are used in steel mill, lift, hoist, line shaft, heavy
mechanical workshops, crane machines etc. They can be used both for the residential purposes as
well as the industrial purpose irrespective of kind of industry and includes both small scale and large
scale sectors.
We are the largest distributors of three phase induction motors in India where we have covered the
places like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat, Jaipur, Nagpur, Coimbatore,
Pune, covering almost every state of India. We also ship to abroad.
We have also been the most reliable and trusted three phase induction motor suppliers both in
Bangalore and India. All the products that are manufactured in cash at a group of firms are of the
premium quality with having certification by both Indian and international standards.
Other than three phase motors we also offer wide varieties of industrial products which are already
listed in our website. the buyers can check the list and contact us in case of any further information
and enquiries.

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