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Kashetter Group Of Firms designs and offers customized UPVC rubber profile Based on the required
needs of the customers for various applications. These profiles can be used for various applications
like doors, windows, gaskets etc. They are designed using the advanced techniques and for sure are
made, under the guidance of the experienced professionals.
Following are some of the main advantages of using our cherry UPVC rubber profile:
As the name specifies the construction material is done by polyvinyl Chloride.
They are used for multiple applications.
The provider assistant to impact and abrasion.
They provide the good stability.
They are economical and durable.
Kashetter Group of firms, on being continuously dedicated to this professional field and for
successfully launching the most effective and premium quality products, we are said to be one of
the best and most reliable UPVC rubber profile manufacturers in India.
Here there are lot of variety of rubber profiles available and we also provide the guidance to choose
the best and right type of profile for the customers based on their needs and applications.
We offer these rubber profile for UPVC To be extensively used for the glazing windows or doors
made of glass. So that it provides a resistance to impact. They offer the best of quality rubber
profiles with the most reasonable price so that it can be used and can satisfy the demands in the
We have the standard certification on all our products And even provide samples to the customers
for assurance. We have distributed our products all over India and has also shipped abroad covering
all the seven continents in the world.
for custom fabrication and orders, call us or email us. the contact information is given over this
page or you can also visit our official website For more information. Transportation is provided for
orders as per your convenience.

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