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URB bearing are most commonly used in all kinds of industrial sectors in the present day life. there
are many types of bearings according to the applications and requirement of the customers.
There are many applications and features of URB bearing supplied worldwide and the same are
mentioned below:
they offer the best in preventing the friction.
They have different operating speed limits.
They prevent overheating and premature failure.
Available of different bearing designs based on its size.
Kashetter group of firms has always been the best URB bearing distributor in India. We not only
distribute URB bearing, but we also distribute many other kinds of machine parts and products that
are used worldwide for various kind of applications.
till now we have supplied large quantity of URB bearing to the places such as Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Kolkata, Chennai, Nagpur, Mumbai, Delhi and many more places covering every state of India and
have even exported to abroad successfully.
all these machine parts are well tested and certified by the recognized authorities such as Indian
standards and the international standards. Hence we are considered to be the most reliable URB
bearing supplier in India.
Our main focus is to satisfy the customer demands and make sure that all the products are being
utilized well. Using these bearings helps in getting the overall increased productivity and efficiency
and speed up the work.
As URB bearing dealer, We always look forward to supply the right type of bearings based on the
application of the customer and understanding their requirements and needs. We also make sure
the machine parts are felt worth by the customers for their invested money, in case of its quality and
working condition.
we provide with the safe mode of transportation as per the customers convenience, either by
roadways, by railways or by Airways. you can always contact us for any kind of information
regarding any kind of products and the machine parts.

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