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V pulley have been the most demanded product in the market as it offers the solution against the
slippage and misalignment. They are the fastest power transmission mechanical device that are
connected by the two axles parallel to each other.
The only difference between the V belt pulley and other types of pulley is that the geometry of the
grooves is located around circumference of the pulley.
The quality pulley for V belt that we supply here consists of the following features and advantages:
They are designed with White Horse power and speed range.
The operation of these we built fully are quiet and smooth.
They have very minimal maintenance with no lubrication.
They prevent the overloads.
They are extremely reliable and last for long period of time.
They prevents misalignments well.
They also helps in preventing the slippage.
Kashetter group of firms have been manufacturing and supplying various kinds of pulleys to various
places of India such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Coimbatore, Gujarat, Nagpur,
Jaipur, Delhi And a lot more places covering almost every state of India and also every kind of
industrial sectors irrespective of small scale and the large scale industries.
These V groove pulley are available in all the ranges and we can also custom design them according
to the needs of the clients and supply the same. all the products that has been fabricated and
produced into the market are very well tested and certified by the recognized standards like Indian
standards and international standards.
the V pulley price that we offer here is of the most affordable price based on its quality and the
features it has. there is also a complete list of many other related products as well as the other
industrial products on our official website which you can check out and call us for orders.

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