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The Visco elastic surfactant chemicals are the polymer free fluids composed of a hydrophilic head
group and a long hydrophobic tail. They are availability needs different specifications and based
upon the application requirements the type of this Visco elastic surfactant chemicals are chosen.

The kashetter group of firms is considered to be one of the best Visco elastic surfactant chemicals
dealers in India since many years, as we have been providing the most high quality and efficient
chemicals that are safe to use. They also has a certification from the most recognized Indian
standards and international standards, and hence they are being supplied all over the world.

The Visco elastic surfactant that we are provided, has the best thermal stability comparatively to the
other polymer based viscosifier, which are non damaging and has reversible viscosity. They are
usually used in the low concentration, Where its influence and mechanism of the different
parameters like the concentration, temperature, pressure, and Other additives which are significant
in improving the properties of these fluids Are emphasized.

Along with the visco elastic surfactant chemicals the kashetter group of firms are also offering many
other important related water treatment chemicals to each and every kind of industrial sectors,
where each of the chemical are made under the guidance of the quality experts and by following the
prescribed methods mentioned on the Indian standards.

Few of the other water treatment chemicals that are extensively used right now are, antiscalant,
antifoulants, fuel additives, fireside additives, viscosity reducer, oxygen scavenger, sludge
conditioner, Alkalinity reducer, ph booster, RO biocide, neutralizer boilers, Poly electrolyte liquid
chemical, oxidising biocide and many more are included.

You can order them based upon your requirements and go through all the relevant information
updated on our official page. Also check our major exports like conveyor belt, conveyor rollers,
Rubber Products and sheets, and machinery parts.

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