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Viscosity reducers are extensively used in all kinds of industrial sectors which is used as a pan eight
in order to reduce the surface tensions of the viscous materials. the cherry groups have been
offering all the different types of viscosity reducer chemical since many years which are different in
its compositions and methods and are being offered not only within India but also to the entire

There are usually three methods of viscosity reducers available and we are offering the chemicals
for each and every purpose. They have the good high temperature tolerant ability and have the
following main advantages.
They have an improved centrifugal efficiency.
They help in improving the boiling time its fluidity and also the circulation.
They are very much suitable for improving the sugar colour.
they have the better exhaustion of molasses.
they help in improving the recovery, where it reduces the sugar losses.

The cherry groups are Considered to be one of the best dealers of viscosity reducer chemical in India
and These chemicals consists of the composed surfactant’s stabilisers and the other edit if consisting
of good viscosity reducing property. They have the pour point reducing and wax inhibiting function.
each and every composition of the this viscosity reducer chemical that we’re offering worldwide are
having the certification from the Indian as well as the international standards which ensures about
its quality and safety.

the other related and most important water treatment chemicals that we are offering in huge
compositions and quantity for shipping are, the ph booster, RO biocide, neutraliser boilers, Poly
electrolyte liquid chemical, oxidising biocide, neutraliser boilers, Poly electrolyte powder,
antifoulants chemicals, RO biocide chemical, alkalinity reducer, oxygen scavenger, sludge
conditioner, fireside additives, viscosity reducer etc.

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order details and queries, feel free to contact us on the given WhatsApp number.

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