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Water treatment chemical for cooling tower are much more needed and are the most popular
chemicals used worldwide in all kinds of industries or plants.
If the chemicals are not being used for the cooling towers in various industrial plants, that gives rise
to the growth of various microbial activities, the deposition of scales, phosphate, salts and many
other minerals and also gives rise to the fouling of water.
Hence our quality cherry water treatment for cooling tower are used for the following purpose:
Eliminate or decrease the quantity of the impurities present in the water.
They reduce the overall maintenance cost.
Increases the productivity in the industrial plants.
And most importantly as mentioned earlier, inhibits the growth of microbial activities.
Helps in maintaining the stability of the water in various water conditions.
Helps in eliminating the falling of water.
Their application and advantages are seen extensively in the industrial plants. Our chemicals are
being used in almost all states of India.
Kashetter Group Of Firms have more than 50 years of experience in making the chemicals for various
functions. our team of engineers are well trained with having the experience for decades of years.
Hence we are entitled as the best water treatment chemical for cooling tower suppliers.
All the chemicals are tested by the Indian standards as well as the international standards and they
are supplied to the various distributors or into the market only once it is approved by those standard
The water treatment chemicals that can be used in the cooling towers are Ph booster, Alkalinity
reducer, Hardness reducer, oxygen scavenger, sludge conditioner, single blend treatment etc
We offer a large quantity of chemicals with wide varieties, that are very safe to use and economical.
people can feel free to ask us about any of your doubts and also know about the offers available.

A Quality product from Cherry-The Super Engineer.

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