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ZKL bearing are the most widely used in the industries as it prevents the friction and makes an easy
motion and movement in all ways. They are available in different types, shape, principle operation
etc. And fortunately we offer all kinds of bearings.
we have been the best ZKL bearing suppliers in India from many years. we have covered the places
such as, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Nagpur, Chennai and many
more places covering almost every state in India.
below are some of the main features and advantages of using ZKL bearing:
They are durable and resistant to wear.
Frictionless and has an easy maintenance.
Increased speed and efficiency.
Good maintenance of bearings can increase its service for much longer period of time.
We have also supplied quality bearings to foreign countries almost covering all the continents in the
world and also considered to be the most reliable ZKL bearing distributor in India. We Provide the
customers with the most high quality machine parts and other related industrial products.
every machine parts that are ready for distribution are well tested by our professional experts, and
also made sure that they are certified by the Indian standards. then only they are sent for
we have not received any single negative reviews since last several years, which is the practical
example for following the professional practices and ethics in every step taken. our main aim is to
produce the most demanding machine parts and products in the market and make the best use of
We have also been one of the best ZKL bearing dealer in both Bangalore and India. We act as the
bridge between the fabricators and the customers, who deals in the most professional way to make
sure everyone are benefited in the process.
Kashetter group of firms offers large quantity and wide varieties of machine parts and it’s related
products, that can be used in all kinds of industrial sectors worldwide. For any kind of enquiries and
custom specifications, kindly do contact us and book an appointment.

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