PVC Conveyor Belt Manufacturer In India

PVC conveyor belt are the most demanding products to be used in many of the industries and mainly
for the food industry all over the world. they are available in different size, properties, colour,
strength, with wide range of specifications.
we have been manufacturing PVC conveyor belt since more than five decades and have been
considered to be one of the best PVC conveyor belt manufacturer in India. All designed products are
of the premium quality and with wide options.
Below are the advantages and features of our cherry PVC conveyor belt:
They are designed to be abrasion resistant.
They are durable and non slippery.
They are designed with high grade materials.
Can be designed with different dimensions.
Easy to use and have low maintenance.
Their applications can be seen in industries like chemical, cement, pharmaceutical, engineering,
mining, paper, ceramic tiles, batteries, tobacco, textile industry, fertilizer etc. Irrespective of small
scale industries and large scale industries.
The firm was established in 1964 and since, then we have been supplying large quantity of conveyor
belts acquiring the attention of the users by producing the quality equipment and now we stand out
to be the most reliable manufacture of PVC belt in India.
Every equipment Is compulsorily tested and made sure to be certified by the recognised standards
of India and also by the international standards. We also take the orders for custom designing as we
have the most experience in fabricating various kinds of conveyor belts with wide range of
specifications as per the customers requirements. Hence art fabricators design with ease and
The PVC conveyor belt manufacturer here, are very knowledgeable and experienced in this
profession for over more than three decades.
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of enquiries and orders.



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