Rice mill screens manufacturers in Bangalore

Rice mill screens are very important in the various rice mills and industries related to that. The rice
mill is nothing but a food processing facility where actually the Paddy is processed to be rice in order
to sell it in the market and in this process many of the equipment as well as the products are being
utilized for gaining the high-quality product and the Kashetter group of firms have been serving with
the necessities of the industry since a very long time. So, we are considered to be the most reliable
rice mill screens manufacturers in Bangalore.

We are offering the Rice mill screens in different material, colour, weight, thickness, grade, capacity,
shape and few more factors are involved here. According to the needs of the clients we will also be
offering the customized type of Rice polisher screens and when it comes to the Rice mill screens
price, we are offering them in the most affordable price and shipping them not just within Bangalore
but to the entire India.

On being considered as the most leading manufacturers of Rice mill screens in Bangalore, we always
made sure that these products and equipments are having the most desirable features with the highquality construction material. We have the approval certification for all the different types of rice
mills screens from the higher authorities of Indian standards and also the international standards as
well. We always make sure that the customer is feeling the satisfaction of buying the different
equipment from the Kashetter group of firms.

Apart from the Rice mill screens, we also offer the other types of equipment that are highly
recommended in the rice industries, the interested people can get the complete information regarding
the available products and equipment related to rice industries from visiting our official website.

Rice mill screens manufacturers in Bangalore