Rice mill screens manufacturers in Bhopal

Bhopal is famous to be known as the city of lakes as it contains the various natural as well as the
artificial lakes which results in the greenery seeing which has become one of the greenest cities in
India. As rice is the main food crop of India as well as for the other developing countries, it is
important to use the desirable properties of products and water treatment chemicals for being utilized
in the application of rice industry in order to work in an efficient way. the cherry groups are the
solution providers for all these necessities, we are considered to be the most reliable rice mill screens
manufacturers in Bhopal.

The rice mill screens price that are being offered to all the clients comes in the most affordable way
and the Kashetter group of firms us actually established in Bangalore but as we have been inculcating
the new technologies and methodologies in the fabrication process and achieving the customer
satisfaction, we have also been considered to be the trusted manufacturers of rice mill screens in

The rice polishing screens are not just the only product that we are offering but we also have the other
related chemicals as well as the products that can be utilized not just in rice industry but many other
types of industries worldwide. Some of them main and important as well as the maximum exports that
we do are, all the different types of conveyor belts and conveyor rollers, rubber sheets and its
products, water treatment chemicals and many of the machinery parts.

Any of the queries can be solved by our team members and hence the customers can feel free to
contact us in such case. We will be providing the shipping in the secure and simple way, of your

Rice mill screens manufacturers in Bhopal