Rice mill screens manufacturers in Chennai

There’s a great demand for rice mill screen especially in the rice industry to get the white rice from
the Paddy rice. Chennai consists of many rice industries which require school equipment and products
related to the application here. The Kashetter group of firms have been serving with all the necessities
of the rice industries not just within Chennai but even in the other metropolitan cities also. As we have
been serving with the quality products and achieve the customer satisfaction, we are considered to be
the most fabled rice mill screen manufacturers in Chennai since a very long time.

As the rice polisher screen is one of the most important spare parts of the rice mill machine, it works
together with the rice roller consisting of two different mesh sizes. The screen comes with a different
material and depending upon the requirement it can be chosen. The rice mill screen price that we are
offering comes in the most affordable way and it is more durable.

On being the most reliable manufacturers of rice mill screen in Chennai, we have always made sure to
understand the requirements of the clients and know about their queries and suggest them in getting
the most desirable equipment and products depending upon their application. Till now we have not
just served to the people in Chennai but we have also served to other clients covering the all state of

Along with the rice screen, the other kinds of important products and equipment that we are offering
to the clients are, food grade conveyor belt, white hygienic conveyor belt, conveyor roller, machinery
parts, rubber sheets and its products, water treatment chemicals, diamond rubber lagging sheet,
architectural rubber profile and a lot more such products and equipment are available even in the
customized specification.

Rice mill screens manufacturers in Chennai