Rice mill screens manufacturers in Hyderabad

There is a great demand for Rice mill screens as it is one of the most important spare parts of rice mill
machine. It helps in obtaining the to the white rice from the Paddy rice. As each one offers need the
food grains for daily survival, it is important for industries to make the best utilization of all these
available products and equipment the Kashetter group of firms have been serving with all the different
sides of Rice mill screens and offering to the clients according to their needs and hence we have been
considered to be the most reliable Rice mill screens manufacturers in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is not just the place for the famous tourism but it also has some of the important and major
industrial sectors. It is one of the most important things to use the rice screens for the applications in
the rice industry in obtaining the white rice from the Paddy rice. They are very durable and last for the
longer period of time and hence we are offering the most affordable Rice mill screens price in

Apart from being the manufacturers of Rice mill screens in Hyderabad, we are also the manufacturer
for further kinds of important industrial products and equipment as well as the water treatment
chemicals. Each of the product or the chemical or the equipment that we have been fabricating and
supplying into the market have the approval certification from the highly recognized Indian standards
and the international standards as well.

If you have any kind of requirement all have some queries, you can always find us through your
convenient mode of communication and get your doubts cleared. There are also other specifications
and types when it comes to the rice screens and hence you can check out the same before making

Rice mill screens manufacturers in Hyderabad