Rice mill silky screen manufacturers in Gurgaon

Utilization of the products in the production of rice is important because they are suitable in resisting
the insect attack during the storage and also helps in decreasing the overall cost, decreasing the broken
rice always. Gurgaon consists of many of the industrial sectors that contribute the production of rice
and to all these types of industrial sectors no matter it is of the small scale or the large scale, the
Kashetter group of firms has always made sure to fulfil the needs. So, we are considered to be the
most reliable rice mill silky screen manufacturers in Gurgaon since the very long time.

Although the Kashetter group of firms was established in Bangalore We are serving to all the clients
residing in India and even in the abroad also. The rice mill silky screen price that we are offering to all
the clients in India comes with the most affordable price which also excels in its quality and
efficiency. The utilization of the proper products and chemicals also makes sure that there is no loss
of starch and helps in maintaining the good condition of the produced rice for a longer time.

The cherry groups are not just the manufacturers of rice mill silky screen in Gurgaon but we are also
the manufacturers of other types of products like conveyor belts conveyor rollers, rubber sheets and
its products, machinery parts, gearbox, water treatment chemicals and a lot more such products in

Transportation is secure and easy and in case if there is a requirement for the customization of the
product, the customers can feel free to contact us because we are also offering the customized
products and we have the most skilled and experienced fabricators for this purpose. You can also
check out the present offers available by visiting our official website.

Rice mill silky screen manufacturers in Gurgaon