Rice mill silky screen manufacturers in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is considered as a Manchester of India where it is very famous for its hosiery industries,
ancient ruins of Lodhi dynasty, War Museum and a lot of industrial sectors. It is very important for
the clients to utilize the desirable products suitable according to the application of the industrial type
and considering all these factors, the Kashetter group of firms have always been serving with the most
desiring products for helping out the industries to run efficiently and achieve higher productivity. So,
we are considered to be the most reliable rice mill silky screen manufacturers in Ludhiana since a very
long time.

Each of the rice polisher screens are specially designed for the building rollers to ensure the high
glazing, they come with the automatic control moisture injection system and being easily accessible
for cleaning, it also has the high hygienic standards consisting of the fool proof system of screen
mounting. Regardless of all these factors and properties we are offering the most affordable rice mill
silky screen price all over India and abroad.

We are so glad and fortunate enough to be considered as the most reliable and trusted manufacturers
of rice mill silky screen in Ludhiana and we have been very much hard working and inculcating the
new technologies and methodologies all the time, having a focus on customer satisfaction, making
ourselves stand out of the crowd and win over the trust of the clients.

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Rice mill silky screen manufacturers in Ludhiana