Rice mill silky screen manufacturers in Pune

The Kashetter group of firms are one of the most leading manufacturers of conveyor belts in the entire
India and we have been providing all the varieties of it since 1964. On achieving the customer
satisfaction on consistent service providing to all the clients in India, we have started to even deliver
all the types of chemicals and products that are highly recommended for each and every type of
industrial sectors. Pune is not only just famous for its historical landmarks but it also consists of many
major industrial sectors and it has also been widely considered as the manufacturing hub of India. Due
to all the efficient services and as we have been able to fabricate even the customized type of products
and deliver to the clients as per their needs, we are considered to be the most reliable rice mill silky
screen manufacturers in Pune since a very long time.

Each of the rice polisher screen that we are offering to the buyers have the unique design where it is
capable of eliminating the compressed air usage, which is also having an automatic control moisture
injection system and has a very easy installation with providing long-lasting service. We are offering
the most affordable rice mill silky screen price all over Pune and India, where they are also being
exported to the foreign countries covering almost all the continents.

Apart from being the manufacturers of rice mill silky screen in Pune, we are also the wholesalers,
retailers, distributors, suppliers, importers, exporters and also the service providers of all the varieties
of equipment and water treatment chemicals in Pune.

If the buyer is having any kind of queries regarding our products including the rice screen, you can
always feel free to contact any of our team members or visit the company on having the proper
appointment with us.

Rice mill silky screen manufacturers in Pune